Westwood's Workplace Respect Program

Posted on February 28, 2018 News & Updates

This year in honor of anti-bullying day, February 28th, we wear PINK to show Westwood’s Zero tolerance approach and stand towards handling bullying and harassment.

Here at Westwood, we have a ZERO tolerance approach to bullying and harassment in the workplace. We recognize that workplace conflicts and disrespectful behaviour can jeopardize an individual’s dignity, self-esteem, and wellbeing. In addition to negatively undermining work relationships, friendships, productivity, and ultimately safety on sites and in the office.

That’s why at Westwood our objective is to create supportive work environments, free of harassment, bullying, or violence; where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. 

How does Westwood ensure people are treated with respect and dignity? By following our Workplace Respect Program, we can educate employees to:

  • Value each other’s work and roles.
  • Behave in ways that show respect.
  • Develop work relationships built on trust.
  • Never participate or support behaviour that could be interpreted as bullying or harassment.
  • Promote a work climate that is fair, supportive, and respectful to all.
  • Create a welcoming environment through words, actions, and physical surroundings.
  • Encourage open and honest communication.
  • Refrain from derogatory statements.
  • Avoid romantic or sexual relationships with subordinates.

It’s our people that make Westwood a recognized and reputable company. We care about our people by making positive assumptions about each other, and having adult-to-adult behavior. In doing so, each person, in respecting themselves, must also respect the rights and privileges of every other person, including the necessity of Westwood to achieve its fair and responsible objectives. 

Starting in 2017, Westwood developed a Bullying and Harassment Awareness Campaign. Our campaign re-introduced Westwood’s vision and stance against Bullying and Harassment in the workplace. Outlining the roles of each person in the company; the employer, the supervisor and the worker and how everyone can support a bullying free environment.

Make sure your behaviours/attitude is not Bullying & Harassment by:

  • Listening to each other, not only each other’s spoken words but other’s body language or changes in behaviours/attitudes towards you.
  • Walk the talk and lead by example.
  • Reasonably and respectfully interact with one another, ensuring you are always approachable.  
  • Honest, open, Adult to Adult two-way communication.
  • Eliminate negativity.

Most important, if you see bullying taking place – report it!

Hear it, Stop it – don’t be a bystander!

We want to lead by example, by continuing to have approachable leaders, respect for each other and a comfortable and safe environment. We aspire to recognize and embrace the diversity each person brings to the workplace, creating an environment of trust, mutual respect and appreciation which allows all employees to collaborate effectively in the ongoing development and delivery of Westwood’s services.