Westwood Named Engineering Co-op Employer of the Year

Posted on May 11, 2017 News & Updates

Westwood Named Engineering Co-op Employer of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Westwood has been named 2016 Engineering Co-op Employer of the Year by the University of British Columbia (UBC Okanagan). Westwood has hosted 12 electrical engineering students since joining the program in 2015. Students have been given opportunities in our office and also on our construction sites; where the action is, allowing them to use their technical skills gained throughout their education and apply them to their practical use in the field.

Over the short time Westwood has been part of this program, the demand within our company to host a student has increased significantly. It is now an expectation of our project team and engineering departments that we continually host Co-op students. It has been a true win-win because students arrive with a strong work ethic and a quest to learn more about the industry and leave with new experiences gained with Westwood! We take great pride in the fact that many students ask to return or extend their stay with our team!

Angela Zhou started with us on an eight-month placement, but after she got involved in a few projects she insisted to see them through and we welcomed the idea for her to extend her placement. 

“My experience with Westwood is always challenging yet exciting. It really opens up my eyes to the construction and industrial side of the world. I really like the events that our social committee are putting on, I think it is a really good idea to engage in those events with your colleagues, which brings everyone closer.” Angela Zhou

Esther Mutinda started her 4 month placement with us in January 2017, her Co-op was very unique as she spent the first two months at our Suncor Fort Hills project, then was transferred into our head office in Vernon to complete her placement. Over this short time Esther, like Angela, has integrated herself into the Westwood family.

“I would say working for Westwood has opened me up to an area of the industry I hadn’t really considered working in before. It’s been exciting to experience what it’s like to work up at site, to do work that I’m actually interested in and constantly learn new things. I especially like that as a co-op student, your work is important and you are an essential part of the engineering team.” Esther Mutinda

Aaron Reardon was one of our first Co-op students in 2015 and truly set the tone for the program’s success. Aaron has returned on a couple different occasions while completing his degree program.

“Whether on-site or in-office, I was consistently challenged by my work and always supported by my colleagues. Westwood’s rooted core values has developed a company culture where professionals demonstrate and develop their skills while making lasting relationships.” Aaron Reardon