With extensive experience in the oil & gas industry—including both Brown and Green-field—Westwood understands the nuances, expectations and specific standards of this sector. 

We’ve developed a leading safety program to ensure the safety of our workers in this high-risk industry. We’re proud to have many repeat customers and a reputation for delivering safety, cost, quality and schedule excellence.

Westwood has the resources and expertise to undertake both small and large-scale projects. 

Westwood oil & gas project capabilities include: 

  • Heavy Oil and Oilsands
  • Conventional Oil
  • Steam Assist Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
  • Pipeline Compressor and Pumping stations
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Refinery

Featured Projects

Brion Energy Well Pads

The Brion well pad project consisted of 8 well pads with 42 well pairs the project uses SAGD technology. Westwood was awarded the site E&I contract with an aggressive schedule. Westwood peaked with 160 workers. The project consisted of the installation of over 19,000 m of EHT and over 350,000m of cable. Final project completion was four weeks ahead of schedule.

Horizon Camp Expansion

Westwood was contracted to supply and install additional camp distribution services on the Canadian Natural Resources Horizon Oil Sands site in Fort McKay, AB. As well, we also provided minor electrical engineering services to support this project.

Horizon East & West Tank Farms

The complete work package consists of the electrical installation, heat tracing and instrumentation for the East and West Tank Farms on the Canadian Natural Resources Horizon Oil Sands site in Fort McKay, AB. Installation included sixteen tanks in total which required 250,000 meters of cable; 1,200 instruments and 908 heat trace zones.

Horizon Ore Preparation Plant

Westwood undertook the electrical installation and project management of two (2) slurry preparation plants and 4 material handling conveyors for Krupp Canada Inc. on the Canadian Natural Resources Horizon Oil Sands site in Fort McKay, AB.

Horizon Plant 69 - Substations & Cable Pulling

Westwood was awarded the Utilities & Offsites (U&O) Plant 69 Electrical Works on the Canadian Natural Resources Horizon Oil Sands site in Fort McKay, AB. This project was undertaken on a lump sum basis. The scope of work for this project was divided into two main components, construction of six (6) substation yards and cable pulling. In addition, Westwood was also awarded the roadway lighting project. This project included the Installation of 100km of site high voltage distribution cabling between six - 35kV substations and installation/connection of external substation equipment.  This project involved 200 HV splices and 600 Pfisterer GIS switchgear connectors together with 350km of other cabling.  

Imperial Oil Kearl Oilsands Non - Process Buildings

Westwood was subcontracted by Bird Construction to supply and install the electrical, control, instrumentation and telecom work for Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited at their Kearl Lake facility in Alberta.  Project site is considered an isolated brownfield work site with simultaneous operations.   This Maintenance Support Facility (which is comprised of 10 buildings in total - expansion to existing or construction of new) includes the installation of the following equipment:

  • 4160V Switchgear
  • 600V Switchgear
  • 600V MCC’s
  • UPS systems
  • Grounding
  • Lighting/building services excluding HVAC
  • Cable tray/conduits
  • EHT
  • High Mast Lighting/Truck ready Line
  • Complete fire alarm systems
  • Telecom systems site wide and internal to buildings including; Fiber Optic, Structured Cabling, Security Access and CCTV systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Control systems
  • Installation of all associated cabling

Shell Albian Jackpine Crusher & Mine Shovel Substations

Westwood undertook the re-instatement and connection of substations for two mine shovels and crushers. This included all electrical work associated with the substations and roadway lighting, termination of 5kV and 25kV cables associated with mine distribution, the supply and installation of data cable tray in the Mine Equipment Dispatch Area and the supply, installation and connection of the conveyor lighting.

Shell Albian Jackpine Crushers and Surge Bin

ABB Inc. awarded a contract to Westwood to provide the electrical and instrumentation services on a project  being constructed on the Albian Sands site in Fort McKay, AB.  This project consisted of the construction of two (2) crushers and a surge bin.

Shell Albian MRM Mine Services Building

Westwood was awarded the electrical installation for a new 12 bay heavy vehicle repair shop which included wash bays, warehouse and an administration complex. 

Suncor Firebag Stages 3 & 4

Stage 3 included the installation of cable for the 25kV Power Distribution System and Fibre optic cables, complete tray system in modules and complete module grounding. It also included the installation of 5kV, 600V and control cables from 12 transformers to substation and motor control buildings. Westwood was also awarded the grounding, EHT, temporary power & E-Houses as well as the installation and connection of major cables and EHT system.  

In stage 4 Westwood conducted the preliminary work which included feeder cable and control cable installation, as well as the grounding and heat trace completion.  Westwood completed this work and performed all cable installation, instrumentation, and heat trace and tray work.

Suncor Fort Hills FAM Crushers, Surge Bins & Conveyors

Electrical Installation for the Crushing Plant Train 1 & 2, Surge Facility, Surge Feed Conveyor Train 1 & 2, Slurry Prep Conveyor Train 1, 2 & 3, which included the installation of above grade grounding, lightning protection, junction boxes, transformers, disconnect switches, distribution panels, control panels, ore grade analyzer panels, engineered cable trays and field run conduit or instrument tray to devices, indoor/outdoor lighting and receptacles, local control stations, instrumentation devices, CCTV system devices, cable pulls, glanding and termination of cables.

Suncor Fort Hills Non - Process Buildings

Westwood worked with Bird on a design build project for the infrastructure block on the Fort Hills site. Our scope was for the E-house, site lighting and distribution to all buildings. 

We also completed all the electrical installation for the following buildings:

  • Lube Building 
  • 12  Bay Heavy Vehicle Repair shop
  • Heavy Vehicle Tire Shop two bays 
  • Heavy Vehicle Wash Bay two bays 
  • Warm Up Building 
  • Light Vehicle Wash Bay 
  • Cold Storage Building 
  • Chemical Storage Building 
  • Nuclear Storage Building 

Syncrude Aurora Tailings Management Project

Westwood was awarded the site installation of the Tailings e-house, MFT e-house and gypsum building. This included the installation of 72kV cables, GIS building, installation and assembly of two 20MVA 72-4160V transformers. Barge substation with one 72kV to 4160 10MVA transformer, E-house and  trailing cables. 14km Overhead FO line, HPU buildings north and south. Commission and start up.