Module Yards & Shop Manufacturing

Westwood’s shop manufacturing and modular yard experience and quality delivers products that stand up against time and the demands of the industry.  

The assembly, pre-wiring and testing of electrical products is executed at our in-house, CSA-compliant manufacturing facility. There, highly trained and experienced team members manufacture custom equipment using specific assembly and test procedures that assure optimum quality and safety are built into every piece of equipment.

Our experience with customer module yards and shops allows us to deliver proven cost efficiencies and installations of the highest quality. Westwood is committed to excellence in safety, cost, quality and schedule at every step. 

Westwood module yards & shop manufacturing capabilities include: 

  • Cable tray & cable installations
  • E-House
  • Electrical heat trace (EHT)
  • Modular process buildings 
  • Modular pipe rack E&I works
  • Process control cabinets/operating consoles
  • Motor control cabinets
  • Protection relay cabinets
  • Operator booths

Featured Projects

Fortis BC Benvoulin, Duck Lake Recreation Modules

Westwood provided the shop assembly of P&C modules to be installed at the Benvoulin, Duck Lake and Recreation project sites.

Makloc Buildings various Electrical Buildings

Various E-House projects for the Oil and Gas industry.  Control buildings, generator buildings, power distribution buildings.  Work included cable and raceway installations, grounding, installing equipment (transformers, low, medium and high voltage switchgear - including GIS gear, P&C panels, PLC / DCS cabinets, marshalling cabinets, building services equipment, etc.), lighting and other building services, fire alarm, communications


Supply and install an MCC, PLC, lighting transformer and panel to a skid platform. Interconnect the equipment and assist with pre-commissioning of the VFD drives and PLC with HMI. CSA certify the skid assembly and ship to site for final field installation and start up by Westwood crew.