Mining / Potash

Whether it’s in our backyard or in a remote location, Westwood delivers superior electrical and instrumentation services to the mining and potash industry. 

With extensive experience on both above and below-ground projects, we understand the unique risks and nuances of mining projects. We have underground-certified supervisors committed to your project’s success. 

Westwood promises and delivers safety, cost, quality and schedule excellence. 

Westwood mining & potash project capabilities include:

  • Potash
  • Minerals
  • Diamonds
  • Metals
  • Uranium 

Featured Projects

Debeers Mine Power Crusher & Conveyor

Westwood was awarded the DeBeers Underground Diamond Mine Project. After months of preparation, Westwood mobilized to the remote Snap Lake site 220 km northeast of Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada. DeBeers Snap Lake is Canada’s first completely underground diamond mine. The approximate capital cost for the entire project is $975 million.

Westwood was contracted to complete the electrical installation for the underground mine electrical rooms, power distribution, crushing chamber, mine de-watering, lighting, ventilation and conveyors.

Diavik Diamond Mine Generator Gallery

Westwood undertook a project on the Diavik Diamond Mines site near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. The scope of the project consists of the installation of two (2) Finning 3.3MW diesel generators and all associated electrical controls, complete building services for a building that will eventually have a total of six (6) Finning generators for a total of 24.2 MW, install parallel bus tie feeders to existing powerhouse and complete tie-ins, install 15kV switchgear, power transformer, 600V PDC and MCC's, DCS and Finning engine control panels, install all required cable tray, complete required instrumentation, tubing calibration and cabling.  

Once this project was completed, Westwood was awarded numerous additional projects on this site.

Glencore EPCM Bell Mine Water Treatment Plant

Westwood was contracted to supply and install electrical, instrumentation, automation and telecommunication work at the Bell Mine Water Treatment Plant in Granisle BC. This included the supply, transport and installation of three pre-fabricated buildings for two electrical MCC rooms and one Control Room. The supply and installation of the 25kV overhead powerline and installation of the owner provided 1500kVA, and 750 kVA 25kV/600 volt Dry Type Power Transformers. Installation of the owner provided 250 kW Diesel Generator. Supply and install all required cable tray, underground conduits, grounding and associated power, control, EHT, lighting, building services and instrumentation cables. Supply and install all instrumentation equipment and process tubing requirements. Supply and install the wireless telecommunication system including the relay towers and their associated underground power supply. Supply and install a lightning protection system for the pre-fabricated buildings. Design, supply and install EHT for the water and plumbing supply lines for the WTP Control Building.

Mosaic Belle Plaine Compactor #2

Westwood undertook the new construction of the Belle Plaine Compactor #2.  The scope of work consisted of installation of the 5KV switchgear, installation of all 600V switchgear, cable tray, lighting, instrumentation, controls and terminations and stage 1 commissioning to start up. 

Mosaic Belle Plaine Power Upgrade

Westwood was contracted by Mosaic for the power upgrade in Belle Plaine. This project consisted of 2 areas:

The first area was the 138kV Substation Yard & GIS Building which included all substation building electrical including lighting, control, HVAC, fire alarm, battery system, and distribution equipment. The scope also included the installation of the 138kV motor operated switch and aerial cabling to the GIS bushings, as well as the installation and field wiring of P&C panels and PLC panel.

The second area was the 13.8kV Switchgear & Reactors which included the installation of 15kV feeders from secondary of T2 to new 15kV switchgear as well as the installation of new switchgear, Reactor #2, cable tray, 15kV splice point, PLC cabinet, and the connection of all required power and control cables.

Mosaic Colonsay 50D - Electrical & Instrumentation

Westwood was contracted to supply and install electrical systems for upgraded building services and new production equipment for Mosaic Potash Corp in Colonsay

Mosaic Colonsay CE680 Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Buildings 94A, 94B, 94C

Westwood undertook the installation of 230kV equipment and line work, 70MVA transformers, all substation buildings electrical and instrumentation including lighting, cable trays, cabling, switchgear, control cabinets and generator equipment for this project in Colonsay, SK.

Mosaic Far Field Brine Injection Project

Westwood performed the new construction of the Esterhazy remote brine pumphouse and well heads.  The scope of work consisted of installation of 5KV switchgear, installation of all 600V switchgear, cable tray, lighting, instrumentation, controls and terminations, cable trenching and well head power and control stations.

Mosaic K2 CE301 Building 733

Westwood was contracted to supply and install grounding, cable trays, motor and control cables, and heat trace for the Esterhazy K2 mine. Also included in the scope was the installation of the motor control and other demolition equipment, Supply, install and connect instrumentation for compaction circuit No. 4 in 773 building

Mosaic K2 New Control Room

Westwood was contracted to supply and install new power distribution and networking equipment to a new control room and dismantle the old existing control room. Supply and install two circuit breakers in an MCC, 45kVA 600-208/120 volt transformer, 10kVA UPS with Manual and Bypass transfer switches. Supply and install one 208/120 volt distribution and one emergency panel. Supply and install the new operator console furniture and the owner supplied computers, printers, HMI/PC network cabinet, telephones and two way radio charging station.Supply and install the required cable trays and all required power, networking, fiber and copper patch cables to the control equipment.Supply,install and verify the fire alarm devices. Dismantle all control equipment and power no longer required in the old control room. This schedule only allowed for an eight hour shutdown to swing over the various networks and controls to the new control room.

PCS Allan Headframe & Hoist House Electrical Install & Removal

Westwood was contracted by Stantec to supply labour, supervision and materials for the completion of the electrical works at the Headframe & Hoist House at the PCS Allan Mine.

PCS Rocanville West Mine Expansion

Westwood was contracted by PCS to perform the Underground West Mine Expansion at their potash mine facility located in Rocanville, SK.  The project included the installation of the underground electrical power system consisting of high voltage substations, high voltage portable power sleighs, 600V distribution centers, and all the required medium and high voltage cable installation in the underground environment.  The underground control systems included kilometers of conveying systems power and controls, storage bin and loading systems, lighting, underground building wiring, hydraulic skids, and overhead door systems.  The preservation systems included make-up air systems, ventilation systems, and fire suppression systems.  Westwood also provided constructability to the underground wiring methods and installation procedures, field design, testing and start-up.

PCS Scissors Creek Mine Head Frame

Westwood was contracted to supply and install the building services to the upper floors of the Scissors Creek head frame building, in advance of the installation of the Electrical Hoisting Equipment. This included the supply and installation of the vertical riser cable tray and 3c 500 MCM 1KV vertical riser TECK cable feeders to the owner supplied and Westwood installed five section 600 volt MCC 02. Supply and installation of cable trays at each of the equipment, deflection and sinking floors, collar floor and hoist floor. Supply, install, cable and connect the building services equipment such as welding outlets, lighting transformer and panel, lighting, receptacles ,supply and exhaust air fans and unit heaters. Supply and install the lightning protection system and obstruction lighting to the roof of the Head Frame building.