Manufacturing & Processing Facilities

Westwood’s experience in manufacturing and process facilities means we understand the importance of up-time in this market. By maximizing preparation work, we minimize any scheduled shut-downs and strive for zero unscheduled interruptions. 

We’re proud of our proven track record of meeting customer schedules safely and with the highest quality workmanship. 

In addition to schedule challenges, we understand the cost sensitivities our customers in this sector face, and we have the experience to offer custom solutions.  

Westwood manufacturing & process facility project capabilities include: 

  • Fertilizer
  • Food & beverage 
  • Grain
  • Iron ore
  • Steel 
  • Ball Mill 
  • Petro chemical 

Featured Projects

AltaSteel Building Electrical Services & Furnace Electrical

Westwood was contracted by AltaSteel to provide building and furnace electrical services. This project consisted of the electrical installation of a Daneli reheat walking beam furnace including 72 junction boxes for approximately 150 instrumentation and control devices, 7 local control stations, 5 motor protection panels to operate 58 - 4HP VFD controlled charging and discharging roller motors, 5 - 75HP hydraulic pump skids, 1- 150HP air ejector fan with controls and monitoring equipment, 1- 350HP combustion air fan with controls and monitoring equipment.

Cargill Edmonton and Vegreville Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator Terminal Dryer Demolition

Evraz - Mill Electrical Construction Revamp

Westwood was awarded a multi-phase retrofit of the various mills in Evraz’s Regina Steelmaking Plant. The scope included;

Demolition Works - Removal of existing equipment, wiring, conduit and tray for the Roughing Mill, Steckel Mill, Runout Table Cooling and Upcoiler areas. 

Installation Works - Electrical Installation and connection of the Roughing Mill, Steckel Mill, Runout Table Cooling and Upcoiler areas.

Activities included the setting and installation of all owner-supplied electrical equipment including switchgear, panels, transformers and cabinets. Westwood supplied and installed: 

  • Grounding including all connection points.
  • Cable tray and fittings of multiple sizes.
  • Over 60,000m of Power & Control Cables.
  • Light fixtures, receptacles, and welding receptacles.
  • Various equipment including;
    • Transformers
    • Variable Frequency Drive cabinets
    • MCC Starters
  • Startup And Commissioning Assistance 

This project included a 21 day – 24hr/day plant shutdown for the Roughing and Steckel Mill change over to the new equipment.  As well, the project finished with a 14 day outage for the removal of the existing Upcoiler and the upgrade requirements to the Run-Out Table Cooling Tables.

Food Processing Plant

In recent years, Westwood has been providing our services to a local food processing plant. Such projects include ControlLogix memory analysis, PlantMetrics installation (consulting, applications engineering and programming for data acquisition/business management software, start up and training), capacitor bank installation (electrical engineering, procurement, project management and field construction services for power factor correction upgrade project), industrial network evaluation (beverage) and ControlLogix programming assistance.

Owens Illinois Glass Plant

Westwood’s participation in his project involved changing the existing bottle handling and packaging systems for seven lines from a hand packaging system to an automatic packaging system. All lines required the option to send glassware to bulk packaging or to case packaging systems. The carton assembly system was also automated from hand assembly to machine assembly for seven lines. One cold end ware testing line was required to be relocated, requiring complete rewiring for all conveyor and equipment on that line within a two week period. The challenge for this project was to achieve all this without the disruption to production. This required planning, innovative design to allow the pre-wiring of the lines and schedule coordination for quick efficient shutdowns and changeovers.