Westwood has the ability and the experience in the energy sector to act as a general contractor looking after all facets of high voltage projects, or we can perform work as a subcontractor looking after the electrical portion of the project. 

With both Brown and Green-field experience, we understand the risks involved with high voltage works and we have qualified supervisors and trades people to perform the highest quality work safely as well as on time and on budget.  In addition, we have the capabilities to offer design build services.

Westwood’s energy project capabilities include: 

  • Substations (up to 500kV)
  • Transmission & distribution
  • Renewable energy
  • Power generation
  • Carbon capture
  • Hydro electric
  • Bio fuel 

Featured Projects

AltaLink Barrhead Brownfield Substation

Westwood was contracted for the electrical installation and project management of an AltaLink brownfield substation located in Fort Assiniboine, AB.  This project involved the replacement of the 138/25kV transformer, new structural steel, SF6 breaker, CVT’s, air break switches, replacement of control building, demolition of all abandoned equipment, and the installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

BC Hydro Enderby Substation

Brownfield construction of twinning an existing 138kV primary to 25kV secondary substation. The civil scope of work consisted of site preparation, excavation for foundations & cable wire ways, cable trench installation, concrete foundations, conduit installation, backfill, spreading of insulating crush and extension and tie-in of the existing substation perimeter fence. The electrical scope of work consisted of installation of steel structures including A-frame gantry tower, disconnect switch and circuit breaker equipment stands, high & low bus supports, insulator and IPS installation, equipment installation and connection. The electrical wiring scope consisted of below and above grade grounding including the perimeter fence, control room equipment assembly and connections between the field equipment and the control room equipment including the inter-control room equipment connections, the wiring and cable tray systems within the control room. The scope also included the 25kV field connections for all outgoing cables including the mobile sub and commissioning assistance for BC Hydro upon start-up.

BC Hydro Merritt Greenfield Substation

BC Hydro contracted Westwood to install all physical and electrical components on a 138kV substation including two 85MVA transformers, 6 SF6 breakers two incoming towers and all other associated equipment. This included a 25kV GIS system, extensive control room equipment, HVAC,fire alarm, security and sprinkler systems. This substation was a two part incoming from BC Hydro to feed the town of Merritt and incoming from a BioMass Generation system.

Canadian Hydro Developers Pingston Hydro Project

Canadian Hydro Developers contracted Westwood to provide the electrical field construction, project management and material procurement of a “run-of- river” 30MW powerhouse and associated 12kV-69kV substation near Revelstoke, BC. This project included the wiring of two 15MW water turbines and the 12kV generator system including controls. Westwood was also responsible for underground and overhead distribution, as well as, powerhouse systems and substation construction.

FortisBC Bentley Terminal Substation

Westwood was awarded the General contract of a new 5 acre substation with voltages of 230kV, 161kV, 138kV and 63kV including the electrical installation of two 150MVA transformers, one 100MVA transformer, two station service transformers, load break switches, VT’s, PT’s, complete 125VDC system, all require structural steel and IPS bus, grounding, cable trenches and conduits, nine SF6 breakers and the subcontracts for all civil and building HVAC work.

Installation and wiring of the control building and P&C panels. The very large 138kV transformer had to be removed from a brownfield substation nearly 50km away and trucked to the Bentley site along public roads which took extensive coordination. This work was performed in close proximity to live 138kV power. Once the transformer was relocated it went through a complete rebuild on the Bentley site. This project was completed on schedule.

FortisBC Benvoulin Greenfield Substation

Westwood was contracted to Fortis BC to install and connect the 138kV/25kV customer supplied equipment, 138kV IPS bus, 138kV switches and support.  All indoor and outdoor cabling, AC/DC protection and control and SCADA, switchyard lighting, incoming tower and all steel structures, circuit breakers, disconnect switches and all associated field equipment. Structure grounding from the existing grid was part of our scope of work. This project also included the installation and connection of all control panels in the control room including build services.

FortisBC Black Mountain Substation

Westwood provided protection and control cabling including the 25kV substation feeder circuits at the Greenfield Black Mountain substation.  This installation included one 40MVA transformer, circuit breakers, disconnect switches and metering equipment.  The project schedule was very aggressive and Westwood double shifted our workers to ensure the FortisBC schedule objectives were achieved.  This project was completed within the Owner’s schedule with zero incidents.

FortisBC Duck Lake Brownfield Substation

Fortis contracted Westwood to rebuild an existing 138kV substation adding a second transformer line and rebuilding the existing line. The substation was taken off line to perform this rebuild under an aggressive shutdown schedule. Westwood installed new steel structures, 138kV equipment and new control systems. Westwood double shifted this project to complete it on schedule.

FortisBC Ellison Substation

Westwood was contracted to add a second half to the original Ellison substation. The project was to twin the substations primary distribution. This project was a brown field 138kV substation including civil concrete installation, physical steel installation, including a second incoming tower, insulator and IPS installation, equipment installation and connection, above ground grounding including the fence and above ground conduit installation, control room equipment assembly and connections between the field equipment and the control room equipment including the inter-control room equipment connection, the wiring and tray systems within the control room, the 25kV field connections for all outgoing cables including the mobile sub and commissioning assistance for Fortis upon start up.

FortisBC Westminster Brownfield Substation

Fortis contracted Westwood to assemble a new line in this existing substation. This included steel installation, 138kV bus, and disconnect switch installation and connection. Also included is the 25kV steel and equipment installation and connection. Assembly and connection for a new outdoor control panel and control room modification. The final portion of this project was the shutdown of the existing substation and tie in. This shutdown was completed on schedule.

Mosaic K3 25kV Substation

Westwood was contracted to perform the design and construction of a 25kV substation, including civil work for the Esterhazy K3 Mine.

SaskPower Boiler Rebuild, Flue Gas and 150MW Turbine Generator Facility

Westwood under took the demolition of the electrical portion of existing turbines. The reinstatement of all new electrical components of the new turbines. Demolition of the existing 25kV switchgear and the new installation of the 25kV switchgear. The boiler rebuild installs consisted of cable tray, lighting, power and controls, and instrumentation. Change out of the 600V switchgear within the original plant and the coordination of shutdowns to allow the plant to operate while change out occurred. Installation of all power and control cables in the carbon capture plant including fire alarm system.

SaskPower Pasqua Substation Static Var System

Westwood was contracted by Alstom Grid to assemble and install all equipment and interconnecting conductors supplied by AlstomGrid. Items included:

  • 2 x 65MVA Transformers assembly and oil top up
  • Multiple various size reactors and capacitors
  • 138KV and 16V IPS bus complete with soft drops
  • 4 deadtank circuit breakers
  • Outdoor Motor Control Centres
  • Protection & Control Equipment
  • Lightning spires
  • Station & equipment grounding
  • Conduit, cable and electrical bulks
  • 138KV SF6 Breakers 138 and 16KV load break switches

Siemens GIS & Cable Installation

Siemens Canada awarded Westwood the contract to install 230kV GIS switchgear complete with HV cable installation at two separate potash sites in Saskatchewan.

Tolko Armstrong Co-generation Facility

Electrical installation of a used power boiler, 20MW generator, steam turbine, air condensing coils and associated equipment.  Electrically, the project team decided to use state of the art control systems for this installation.  The challenge was the coordination of the old and new equipment. Westwood was involved in the electrical equipment layout from an efficient cost effective installation point, tray layouts, and building lighting. We assisted the customer with the purchases for all the major electrical equipment and then worked with each vendor to coordinate equipment deliveries and the overall project schedule. Westwood was responsible for the HV line contractor, design / build of the 138 / 12kV substation and wiring for all 12kV, 4160V and 480V equipment. Westwood successfully completed the project with zero lost time and zero recordable incidents.

Weyerhaeuser 30MW Turbo Generator Facility

Westwood was contracted by Weyerhaeuser Engineering Services to provide supervision and craft labour to install a used 30 MW Steam Driven Turbine Generator in a new building. This involved new cable tray and power cables from the new 15kV switchgear to existing 15kV switchgear and creation of a tie bus system. Installation of owner provided MCC's and 15kV switchgear in the new building, tray and cable all power and control to the Turbine Generator and support systems. Install owner provided building services including fire alarm system. Pre-shutdown Safe Work plans were developed over months in advance of the shutdown to ensure all tasks were identified and completed safely and on time. Major modifications were completed during a 24 hour shutdown to the existing switchgear controls, substation and tie bus. During the 24 hour power outage shutdown temporary diesel generators were used to power up specific PDC's and lighting loads for areas requiring lighting, including the boiler stairwells and multiple floors, the existing switchgear / MCC room. Westwood continued with other major projects after/simultaneously with this Turbine Generator Project and remained on site for approximately 2 years.