Employee Recognition Program

Our Employee Recognition Program acknowledges company employees for their safe, injury and incident free, work performance and positive ongoing contribution to our operations.

Our "one stop", on-line, points based program incorporates three award categories:

  • Safety performance; 
  • “Thank You” performance recognition; and
  • Years of service recognition.

In the "safety performance" category, employees automatically earn one point for every hour safely worked without injury or incident.  

The "Thank You" performance recognition category enables us to acknowledge an employee or employees for a positive performance, action or idea well “above and beyond” normal expectations.  This may include: a safety intervention in a serious or high risk situation, exemplary performance & / or leadership through a difficult task or circumstance; an innovative idea or any other input that significantly contributes to Westwood’s success.

Under the "years of service" component of our program, eligible employees are granted a pre-determined number of points as he or she reaches specific milestone years of service.

Through their private profile, employees redeem their accrued points in exchange for products offered in our Recognition Program Catalogue.  Products ordered are then shipped directly to the worker’s address for use and enjoyment.

At Westwood, we truly appreciate the efforts and contributions of our employees towards the ongoing success of our company.  Our Employee Recognition Program is a valuable and positive means for us to affirm our sincere appreciation.

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