The Westwood Way


Our people get the training, information and support they need to excel and reach their potential. We value our team members and look forward to fostering their long and fulfilling career with us.

With a core group of people who have extensive experience and long tenure at Westwood, we deliver best-in-class solutions to ensure project success. 

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Our genuine and uncompromising commitment to safety means we continuously and actively strive to protect our team members so they can return home to their families.

That commitment is reflected in our company-wide safety value "ZERO IN ON SAFETY – FOR LIFE!" For us, it’s more than a statement, it really is a way of life. 

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With a proven quality management system, we’ve got more employees on the project site doing high quality work instead of rework. For our customers, that means better productivity, value and reporting as well as timely turnovers.

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Each project begins with project managers looking for opportunities to collaborate on the planning and construction process to help identify and mitigate risks.

This approach also allows for a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope and schedule to ensure a safe, efficient and high quality installation. With diverse and extensive experience, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Westwood aims to deliver value, support and solutions on every project.