Our approach to quality is simple: Our customers will receive the highest standards of workmanship, and installations that will stand the test of time.

To do that, Westwood uses a comprehensive Quality Management Systems (QMS). With proven systems and procedures in place, we’ve got more boots  on the ground getting the job done right the first time. For customers, that means:

  • High quality installations and zero rework
  • Increased productivity and improved value 
  • Real-time and transparent reporting 
  • Swift turnovers

For us, project specifications and industry codes are just the minimum. Our target is superior installations and complete customer satisfaction. The result is a reputation for best-in-class workmanship and repeat work with valued clients. 

Westwood is able to deliver on its promise of quality because of our commitment to:

  1. The highest standards of workmanship, guided by our QA/QC manual.
  2. Continuous improvement, driven in part by feedback from audits and customers.
  3. Ongoing in-house training so our teams can effectively deploy our QMS program